About Captain Craig's Boating Services

Growing up in Florida, Captain Craig Allain spent much of his time on the water, and ultimately continued his boyhood love of the sea as a 25-year professional career in the U.S. Coast Guard. During his many years in the U.S. Coast Guard, he held positions including Commanding Officer, where he managed all aspects of Cutter operations and trained crew members. As a Patrol Commander, he directed the escort of ships filled with highly explosive liquids, ensuring the safety of hundreds of thousands of civilians in the surrounding areas.

As a dedicated husband of 28 years and father of three grown children, Captain Craig is eager to add a new title to his resume – that of grandfather – as he looks forward to enjoying his new role as first time grandpa.

While in the U.S. Coast Guard, Captain Craig developed management skills that were highly valued for their focus on procedures, project details and safety, earning him the respect and admiration of commanders and co-workers alike. Captain Craig retired from the U.S. Coast Guard in 2017, returning to everyday life with an impressive skill set and extensive knowledge of all things marine-related. Today, he has a 100 Ton Master Captain's license with a Towing Endorsement and uses his vast experience to provide boat delivery services, as well as boat instruction and training, to ensure the safety of owners and operators while they are on the water.

Over the years, Captain Craig has built a solid reputation as a reliable, professional and trustworthy captain. With many years of experience on various sizes of power driven vessels, Captain Craig offers the most dependable service for his clients.

Captain Craig and his wife outdoors

He currently offers boat delivery services to locations along the U.S. East Coast and into the Gulf, as well as many levels of boat training. He also provides marine surveying services through partnerships with reputable surveyors or the surveyor of your choice.

When it comes to boat delivery services, or boat training as a new or existing owner/operator, don’t attempt to weather the storm alone without the skills you need. If you’re looking for a boat commander who can confidently and successfully take the helm of your vessel or your training, contact Captain Craig so that the time you spend on the water is as calm and enjoyable as it can be every time you climb aboard your vessel.